Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mindal Beach

One of the high lights of our trip to Darwin was a trip to Mindal Beach where many people gather on the shore of Darwin Harbour to watch the sunset. Some also take cruises on one of the many yachts offering dinner and sunset sights.


Mindal Market is held on Thursday night and Sunday afternoon during the "dry" season. It seems as if half the population of Darwin was there on this Thursday. It is a popular place to buy dinner from one of the many stalls offering different types of fast food, from hot potatoes to Thai, Dutch pancakes, or other Asian food to take to the beach and wait for the sunset. One of my favourite things to have whenever I visit Mindal is a mango and orange smoothie, made with fresh fruit, yum-yum.


The place comes alive after dark, fire dancers, whip cracking and Digeridoo players all busking in their alloted space. The air seems to pulse with the exciting displays of music and the clapping from the crowds, while the stall holders sell all types of craft, beads, handbags or bric-a-brac.


If you click to make the pictures larger you will be able to see the small small fishing boat (in this last one) The water of Darwin Harbour is like a mill-pond because it protected from the open sea by the bay.


A beautiful place.
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only nature can do such marvellous paintings. hats of to you for capturing the beautiful colors.