Friday, July 29, 2011

Pictures for Hope.

This blog is for Hope, she is a very talented young lady who lives in USA. I promised I would send her some pictures of Charlie our little bull calf that doesn't have a mum to feed him. Firstly we have to go find him because tonight he couldn't hear us call him for dinner.


Then it is a race up to where he gets his warm bottle of milk.


He is a little nervous of me being there with the camera becauses it flashes and it scares him.


Another picture of him "guzzling his bottle.


And then after he drinks his milk he gets half a bucket full of lucerne chaff and crushed oats. He also likes to suck on fingers if we let him (especially if they have a little molasses on them)


He is growing very quickly, soon he will be able to go without milk and only get the dry food in the bucket.
I hope you liked looking at our Charlie, Hope
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Aimee said...

Hope says: He's a very cute calf! I feel sorry for him for not having a mom, and I hope he will not a coward of the camera anymore! I'm sure he will grow up to be a nice big bull!

Aimee says: he's adorable, all black and white. I am surprised how green your pastures are, I had the idea you lived in a dry place. Beautiful farm!

Mickle in NZ said...

Charlie looks to be doing very well under Willi's care and feeding. Your two good looking blokes!