Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Coober Pedy

This first picture is at the turn off to the Coober Pedy township Where we stopped for fuel and a quick bite to eat.If you have the time to spare there are a few mines where you can "noodle" in their mullock heaps for opal pieces. Some people have been lucky enough to find quite worthwhile chunks of opal. As far as I know it doesn't cost anything to do this but we didn't want to stop here and I am not a lucky person anyway. Ha-ha.


There are thousands of these heaps of dirt piled up from the digging. People live underground here (as well as in normal houses) They dig an extra room when their house gets too small. Living in "dugouts" keeps the temperature at a liveable level without air-con. There is even an underground motel.



In one of the pictures, if you click on it you can see the dust rising from one of the working mines.


Another one of those that I'm SURE must have been islands when there was an inland sea.


Its a BIG beautiful country we live in. We drove from the South to the North and back again, never tired of the scenery. I think my little Panasonic camera did a good job considering that nearly all of my pictures were taken from a moving vehicle (flying low at times,lol)and through the window.
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angela said...

This is one place on my to do list. I would love to stay in the underground motel.
I cant help myself I would try to find my special opal.