Friday, July 1, 2011

Part 2, on the way home, Mataranka


We stopped at Mataranka for some lunch and found this little eatery, Stockman Cafe and Gallery. A very pleasant place to visit. While we waited for our sandwiches to be made we looked at all the Aboriginal artwork and carvings. This over large stockman greets you as you enter.


When you walk through the entrance to this little cafe the heat of the tropics drops at least 10 degrees, the clever owners have made their own micro climate by planting lots of trees and shrubs to sheild the visitors. Mataranka is well known for the thermal springs where many tourists take time out to have a swim. We didn't.


While sitting on the verandah this cheeky bird dropped by to beg for crumbs. We were told it is a Mina bird, not the noisy Indian Mina found around the Adelaide suburbs but a native.
I highly recommend a stop over here to any one contemplating a trip through the Northern Territory.
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Cathy said...

Oh Olive you are making me jealous - I wanted to go 'up the middle' again this year but Dh wamted to golf in Bowen (again). I gave in gracefully lol
The Territory is a place like no other and I know I'll get back there again one day.
Lovely wedding photos
Take care