Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lake Hart and surrounds

This picture is of Lake Hart in the far north of South Australia, one of the largest salt lakes, a remnant of the inland sea that once was. One of the things I would have liked to do while on this trip was to visit Lake Eyre the largest salt lake in our state, it is again in flood from the water that has made its way down from the Queensland floods. It takes the water 5 months to reach Lake Eyre, thousands of water birds migrate there from all over the world to nest and feed their young with the many fish that miraculously appear from the salt crusted surface. Just how do they (the birds) know that this Lake has filled with water ? It would have been wonderful to see but...we couldn't take this extra journey off road, didn't want to take Madge the Mazda over the pot holed road, (bad enough to drive her down Croft road at home when ever we need to go out) For those overseas readers this lake is HUGE..Donald Campbell set the land speed record there in 1964, obviously while it was dry (lol)


As far as the eye can see, for hundreds of kms. this low growing bushes that I think maybe some type of salt bush.


A great place, this country of ours.
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Cathy said...

Hello Olive
I don't think I've ever heard of the place - I don't remember it being mentioned even when we lived in SA. Its amazing how they can be dry for years and then take on the appearance of a lake. Did you see anyone 'sailing' there at all?
We will be off up the east coast on Thurday morning - and yes, its going to be so hard to come back down again lol
Take care