Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Katherine Gorge.

This beautiful place is known to the indigenous people of Australia as Nitmiluk. Sorry, but my pictures do not do this beautiful spot justice.


In this second picture you will see a small waterfall


We were taken by boat through this gorge with about 60 other people and entertained by two of the traditional owners of the region, the Jawoyn people. They told the dreamtime stories about the gorge and the meaning of the names. A pleasant and sometimes funny commentary while we marveled at the amazing scenery. The fresh water crocodile inhabits these waterways. We did see a few crocs, but were unable to get any pictures (well not any that are recognisable)


We saw one of the workers fishing while on his day off, he caught a huge Barramundi and, I guess, it fed quite a few people for dinner that night.

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Nitmiluk gorge winds its way through 12km of sheer rock cliff faces, some as high as 70 metres. I have wanted to see this place since I saw the film "Jedda" when I was a teenager, it told the story about a young Aboriginal girl who fell in love and married a man from a different "skin" (forbidden in Aboriginal culture) The film ends with the heart broken Jedda jumping to her death from one of the clifftops.
I highly recommend this delghtful way to spend a couple of hours to any one taking a road trip through the Northern Territory.
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Aimee said...

what a beautiful place! Thank you for your lovely photos.