Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crab Apples and Stellata magnolia

The picture does not show the thousands of crab apples hanging inside the tree, to take a closer look, click on the picture. Any one like a bucket full of crab apples?
This shows the apples visible from the outside of the tree, starting to ripen, but this year have decided not to pick any until the end of april, when they will be fully red.
Remember the new Stellata magnolia burnt to a crisp by the sun during the heat wave ?
Well here is a picture of it now ! New green leaves and flowers.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The alpacas ran out of paint !

Introducing Isis Front half white, back brown. The cutest little bundle of baby alpaca.
Born this morning 17th. Feb. and we are so glad to see it up and walking after the first two didn't survive.
Here she is with mother Xenia, Aunty Cleopatra (always the sticky beak) waiting to get a closer look.

What perfume do you wear? She seems to be thinking. "aunty" is actually her half sister.
Two long white stockings, one long white sock and a sockette, one brown beard and brown ear-muffs.
Beautiful !!!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr G.

This picture is of Mr. G. a baby alpaca, born prematurely on the 7th Feb. and sadly passed away during the night. We had been feeding him with a bottle every 3 hours because he was very weak in the legs and had trouble to stand. Poor mother is grieving. This is the first loss we've had in the Alpaca flock. Its rather gut wrenching.
He was named Mr. G. temporarily, because going through the alphabet, his name needed to start with G. (I forgot we already have one starting with F. and that happens when you get old like me) I wanted to call him Goliath, but shortened it to G. when we discovered his weakness.
Life goes on.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

I am humbled and ashamed........

....Of myself for grizzling about my scorched garden, after all, the plants can be replaced. I weep when I think about the sad state that the bushfires and floods have caused in Victoria and Queensland, with the loss of so many lives, homes and animals. My heart goes out to them.
We live in a bushfire prone area of the Adelaide Hills, with State Forestry abutting one side of the property and I dread the day something similar occurs here. The last big fire in this district was in 1983. But for the grace of God....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh, what a day.............. come into the world !! The pictures are a bit dark because I had to move the new baby alpaca out of the intense sunshine . They are an inquisitive lot, here the other mothers-in-waiting are welcoming Adonis's new baby boy.
A close up shot of baby, as yet un-named, any suggestions ? We are up to "F" and it should be a name from ancient history or the Bible
Mother, so proud but with a very sunken in belly. Baby about 20 minutes old at this stage, has not stood up as yet.
Its an extremely hot day, over 40C. very windy, blowing dust. I'm almost envious of the snow and rain they are getting in the Northern Hemisphere. A cool change has been forecast for later today, I've got my fingers crossed.
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Friday, February 6, 2009

daikon radish !

Today, although the forecast is for 40C plus, I decided to do some work outside because in 2 weeks I shall be in hospital and out of action for a while. I have been saving this daikon for seed collection but it was in the way of the mulching that I need to do in readiness for the cauliflowers in the autumn. From the head to the bottom of the root, measuring around the curve....60cm !! Inedible of course but is this BIG ? Its now time for lunch, what a pity it is so woody :-)
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

No good news

or so they say. Because nearly everything in my garden has almost been scorched to death by the intense heat, there hasn't been much to report. I will wait until the autumn and start all over again
I have been doing a course at the Gumeracha Community Centre to learn how to use my computer. This session runs for 4 weeks, one lesson per week on basic Word and as you can see I'm at last finding out just how these little buttons work. It only costs $5 each lesson, real value for money. Next is Word advanced also a 4 week course.
Yesterday I went to meet the surgeon who is going to fix my hip, yes after 5 years on the waiting list, it is NOW TIME !! So I will be admitted to hospital on the 24th. February, for a total hip replacement. Six weeks later I should be able to climb mountains !! LOL.
I was very impressed with the surgeon, who re-assured me and ALMOST rid me of my fears. A very nice young man. Popeye came in to the consulting room with me, and I'm glad he did, as he heard with his own two ears, that after the operation, for a few weeks I should avoid leaning forward, no sweeping, vaccuuming, loading the dishwasher and all of the other things he doesn't do now !! (women's work) Ha-ha.
I think, in the meantime I will try to prepare my veggie patch for the autumn planting, (I should be OK by then) I have some beautiful compost to spread over the soil, then a layer of pea straw and then let the worms do the rest.