Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday we had a visit from some of my much loved family. Front row: Lauren, (my granddaughter) myself and my dear daughter Julie-Anne.
Back row Mandy, Arthur, (Popeye's son and his partner) and David (my grandson)

It's so comforting for me to have them visit, Julie-Anne now lives in Alice Springs (2000 km away) so we don't get to see her often enough.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sunset Thursday 3rd. June 2010

Sunset reflected on the eucalypts that grow on the fire track, down one side of our property. Its a very cold evening, notice the smoke from the chimney of the slow combustion wood heater in the next picture. Its nice and cosy inside.
This picture was taken from the top of the driveway over looking the house. The next from almost the same spot but looking in the opposite direction. The sun has just disappeared behind the tree line.
Swinging slightly to the right, the dark clouds threaten rain but it did not arrive.
Back inside for me, dinner and a comfortable chair next to the fire awaits me. Forecast is for 3 degrees celsius overnight.
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