Thursday, November 26, 2009

All over for another year.

The shearers have been and gone. All alpacas shorn
(except one that took off and defied all attempts to catch her)
so she (Aniseed) will have to wear her overcoat for another year.

Gosh, am I glad its finished, except for cleaning the garage.

Does anyone want to buy some Alpacas?
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Shearing day.....

Last summer, after the long scorching drought, I made a vow that I'd NEVER, EVER complain about the rain again......but when the alpacas are due to be shorn, we don't need it to rain. This is such a traumatic day for the animals AND us. First they have to be DRY then they need to be herded into our garage, under cover so they wont get any more wet than they are. Then, after we have them in for the shearer to arrive at 9am. I find out they are not coming until the afternoon. GRRH, GRRRRH !

These pictures are they "boys" in the holding pen. They will be a bit scatty by the afternoon but I cant help that. they all took off up the driveway and we had to chase them around to get them back down. The "ladies" are in their feeding pen, they will be more tetchier than the boys, its a smaller enclosure and there are more of them, but they must be kept dry. Why couldn't the rain wait until tomorrow...or tonight?

The second picture is Ezekial, poor little fellow, he didn't grow very big. It seems as if he put all his growing into fleece production. He is a strange looking alpaca, reminds me of Santa with his beard. He has a short snout and thick wool around his eyes and when I saw him coming in I thought, I cant see his eyes, his fleece is so thick............but then I realised that my husband had put his halter on incorrectly and covered his eyes. LOL

All I can say now is........."Thank goodness we have Wiltipoll sheep !" (Self shedders, no shearing)
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Its a GIRL !!

Born this morning. Looks like inspection time at the zoo. An earlier calf born on the 4th. of September, also a girl thinks she has a playmate at last. Strange, this is the first pictures I have ever taken of the cattle babies and we have had cows for 22 years.

I was feeling sad because its father went to the saleyards last wednesday, he was a beautiful example of a Limousin bull. Much happier however when I heard that the butchers were outbid and he went to live for a few years longer, somewhere in the Murraylands. Loxton, I think.

Baby amimals are beautiful.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

One puff of wind............

........and it will come tumbling down. This is the shed I wrote about in a blog last week. We have watched it slowly deteriorate over the last 20 or so years. I have wanted to take some pictures of this shed but always (until today) have forgotten to take the camera
The first shot is the front view and the second from the side.
Dont you think she's a little beauty?
Any good Aussie bloke would be proud to own it L.O.V.L.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009


The first crop of peas from Popeye's veggie garden. Enough for two meals for two people. Mashed spuds, peas and gravy tonight, along with a piece of steak of course. I LOVE mashed spuds ans peas, they seem to belong together. More like salad weather today though, 43C and its not summer yet !! PHEW !!!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

What does one do.......

.....when the temperature is nudging 39c on a lovely spring day ? Hop into the car and take some photos of old buildings in and around near where we live. These buildings always get me pondering...who built them, who lived there, how many children did they have, what did they do to amuse them selves etc. The first two houses are in Lobethal, the first one uninhabited, notice the high pitched roof and if you click on the picture you'll notice there is a small door into the roof area. Lobethal is a town in the Adelaide Hills settled by Germans in the 1800's, hence the german style to these old homes. This second one has been well maintained over the years and it is in the Main street. Such a lovely cottage.
Next I show a tobacco oast, which hasn't been used for the purpose of drying tobacco for many, many years, not a bad thing, to my way of thinking, but its such a pity that most of these buildings will be either demolished or fall down from being neglected. I know of a shed that has been slowly falling down for over 20 years but it was too far to travel in the heat to get a shot at that one. Next time! (if a big puff of wind hasn't blown it down completely)
Lastly this quaint cottage, nearer home, sits in a vineyard. I wonder how long it will be before it is knocked down so that the small piece of land it sits on can be used for planting more grapes.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Another beautiful Iris

This is another of the new Irises in my garden. I purchased this one at the Meadows Easter market also. Stunning !!
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A very pleasant luncheon with lovely people.

Yesterday I was treated to a very nice lunch at Muggleton's in the tourist town of Hahndorf.
Present was my beautiful Grand -daughter Melissa, her Dad Robert, and his wife, Sue.

I was extremely pleased to be given a photo of one of my other gorgeous Grand-daughters, Stacey,(Melissa's older sister) who has recently graduated from University of Adelaide. Two degrees, Arts and Economics.

I am so pleased for her. Sadly I couldn't attend the ceremony because of the restrictions on numbers. Each graduate is only permitted to invite 3 people. So, here is a PROUD Grandma posting her picture so that everyone who reads my Blog can share. (hope she doesn't mind)