Saturday, April 30, 2011

More beautiful scenery from around the district


This quaint cottage near Woodside about 8km from where we live has been abandoned for many years and is about to collapse. Notice the German style architecture.

The same cottage but from a different angle. I've been meaning to take a photo of this place for quite a few years but yesterday, while my daughter Julie was visiting, we went for a drive and finally managed to get these shots. Its a little difficult to stop on the road edge because of the winding and steep nature of the terrain.

Julie was taken by the "beauty" of this cattle yard. I have driven past this spot many times and although I knew it was there I did not see the beauty in it until I saw it in this picture.

After a few scary u-turns we managed to make it back home in our NEW car !! Love it !!!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autumn in the Mt. Lofty Ranges

Here, I thought I'd share some beautiful scenery with my readers. I drive this road three or four times a week to collect my mail from the local Post Office and today (hooray !! I remembered to take the camera. The vineyards are beginning to change from green to yellow before they finally shed their leaves for the winter. This a tad under 3 kms from where we live. If you look at the horizon, our place is behind the trees approximately one third in from the left of the picture. How lucky are we to live here, simply beautiful.

To the left of the vines are apple orchards and here the apples are ripe for picking, I notice that the orchardist has the bins ready to collect them. The aroma from the ripening apples hanging in the sunshine...delicious !! I'm so glad I took the camera today.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

See what you can do..?

I remember some advice given to me by my Mother when I was learning how to use a sewing machine. (many years ago)

She said "Its only a machine, it will do what YOU tell it to do, if you don't, it will not work"

So the same applies to computers, there is a way around every problem, you simply have to "nut" it out !!!

This kept me awake last night thinking about how to overcome the problem I've been having trying to post my rainbow picture. Why is it....when you get used to doing something one way.....they decide to change the rules?


Try again

If I manage to work this thing out.....this is the picture that goes with the post from 2 days ago. FINGERS CROSSED

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

trouble with blogger

Blogger is giving me a whole heap of grief lately, posting comments I've made on other blogs to my blog. Then today, not posting my picture. Grrrrrrrrh!!!
I'll work on it ....I wont let it beat me. Now its telling me that the picture is not found.


Stay tuned in folks

Somewhere over the rainbow

Sitting in our living room last evening I noticed an eerie glow and on looking through the window I spied a brilliant rainbow, which unfotunately does not show up very well in this picture but if you click on the picture it becomes clearer. The sky was heavy with threatening rain. This spot seems to be my favourite to take pictures of the sunsets, in fact they are the reflections of sunsets. The setting sun is far to my right. Its such a beautful spot where we live.