Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby lambs.

Cute little blighters, frollicking around in the paddock all day long.
Cant get too close to them, they are off in a flash!
Three girls and one boy. We have sold most of our sheep and only kept 10 ewes and 2 rams, so there will only be ten babies this year.
This shot was meant to show all four, flat out in a race....this is the last one !! They're too quick for me, I only managed to get the slowest one.
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Monday, July 26, 2010


We've had a visit from my son and daughter-in-law, (he is an habitual coffee quaffer from Canberra) they brought with them their old coffee machine which they promised to me when they purchased their new one. When I visited them in the A.C.T. I saw him drinking these little coffees, very strong, 3 definite layers. We had coffee in an Adelaide Cafe' yesterday which was NOT at all like this even though it was the one he ordered.
So, I decided to show him that I could make a better one. This is it. What do you think? I'm rather proud of my first attempt. He enjoyed it. (maybe too polite to tell me otherwise?)
Sadly they are now on their way home again and we probably won't see them for quite a few months. It was disappointing for them to have traveled 1,200 kms to see their football team get soundly thrashed.

I've been a little lazy with blogger for a while, I've made a mental note to myself to make sure I take the camera with me when I leave the house. I pass lots of interesting places which when I see them think, "that would make an interesting blog", but, no camera in the car ! Ughhh.
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