Friday, October 30, 2009

Oops I have made a mistake.

This is the picture of the Ceanothus I thought I was adding to the previous blog. No excuses ..... just a dithery old woman !!
The picture in the other blog is Jacob's Ladder.

One day I'll get the hang of it !!
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More pretty plants.

Please click on the first picture at least, it will show much more detail. A section of my garden at the front showing Echium and a few natives, names long forgotten and Ceanothus (Blue Pacific) sadly past its prime.
Secondly a succulant called Pigface, why such a terrible name for a beautiful flower? This one grows alongside the driveway down to the house.
Another type of Ceanothus, a little later than the taller variety. They cant be seen but this bush is buzzing with hundreds of native bees. It grows just outside the window in the room where I have my computer and if I look to the right, there it is in all its glory. Judging by the number of blue fairy wrens I see coming and going it must have several nests in among the branches.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009


One of the irises that I purchased at the Meadows Easter market earlier this year. Not the colour I expected, but still very pretty
A lovely soft blue iris, one of my favourites
This is not an iris, but it grows in a clump, similar growth to an iris, very low, almost like a ground cover with hundreds of bright blue flowers. One of the favourite plants in my garden.
Another iris, pink and burgandy.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sorry folks, this picture is out of focus I like to think its the wind blowing the branches so I cant get a clear shot, but if the truth be known its because I have the wobbles !
This little apple tree is a seedling I found growing a couple of years ago and moved it to near where the crab apples are growing. Well after threatening it with the axe if it didn't flower this year, it has decided to respond. Don't know what type of apple it is, may be from a bird drop or a discarded apple core thrown by us. If the latter is the case it more than likely will be a golden delicious. The holes in the leaves was caused by the harsh weather (hail) which has also damaged many of the stone fruit trees. Looks like a sparse fruiting season as the hail has managed to strip most of the new growth from the apricots, plums and peaches.
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


A lovely spring day here today.
When i ventured out to inspect my veggie patch I noticed the clear blue sky, no clouds (for a change) just this aircraft vapour trail, west to east. I began to daydream about who was on it, did they look down on our patch of hills, did they notice how lush and green the countryside is? Perth to Sydney non-stop. Where had they been, where are they going ? Are they going on vacation or business people going to a conference ? Maybe returning from a holiday overseas, many international flights return via Perth. ...... anyway, here I am, looking up and dreaming when I should be cleaning the house !!! I CANT put it off any longer.

Have a happy holiday,or business trip to all the people on the plane. I'll keep on dreaming.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Golden Elm.

Waking from her winter sleep, this Golden Elm tree.
Planted about 6 years ago, it is still relatively small. This year it has decided to do something different, put out something that looks like flowers. In the centre of each "petal" there is dark spot which seems to be a seed. I wonder if they will be viable?
Please click on the picture for a clearer view.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More blues

Continuation of the last Blog, here are the pictures that wouldn't fit on the last page. (Maybe some one could tell me how to post more than 4 pics at a time through Picasa) Cheery little bluebells, I love these little flowers, went to a heap of work some years ago to plant them under the silver birches in my "forest" but Popeye continues to ride over them with the mower, so the only ones to flower are those growing in the garden around the house.
The prettiest coloured freezia.
Glorious colour of a ground cover plant, name long forgotten.... I have a habit of purchasing a plant, planting it then discarding the label because of course, I should remember that !! (but dont)
Last, but not least, just a touch of blue on these Dutch irises. I do try to NOT have yellow flowers because, to me yellow is a weed colour, and I have enough weeds without adding more. I ordered these bulbs from an interstate bulb nursery, they were advertised as WHITE....but when something grows so well....who am I to decide that it cant. I dont dig them when they are dormant, they simply keep on coming back.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue on blue

Blue is my favourite colour in the garden. The first picture shows Blue Pacific which grows over the side of the cut out that our house sits on. Disregard the weeds please. I have been unable to do much bending for the last couple of months. We have 7 of these shrubs growing in the garden surrounding our home. They are just about at their best now, after a good winter rainfall this year.
Next is this pretty lavender, which looks much better in real life than in a picture.
Pride of Madiera, an Echium that I planted 2 years ago is about to come into full bloom. I hope it is not monocarpic as is the Crown of Jewels echium. I have saved some of the seeds from crown of jewels...mental note to myself.....time to plant them.
Lastly, only because its not posssible to post more than 4 pictures through a picture of this very pretty iris. I'll have to post the other pictures some other time. Off to the Gnomes for afternoon tea soon. Looking forward to that.
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