Friday, May 21, 2010

Autumn Glory

This is the weeping cherry showing off her gloriously colourful leaves. Sadly she had a trim when the capping bricks were put on the "Great Wall" but she will grow again and be all the better next year. I love this time of year.
When our house was built they cut a slice out of the side of the hill for the house to sit on, leaving a steep drop down to my "park" I planted 12 silver birches a red maple, (if you look closely you can just see her in the front, looking like a stick, minus all her leaves) a couple of red oaks a liquidamber and a few other types, oh yes, one of them is a pussy willow. One red oak is the one at the back in front of the eucalypts, see her leaves on the ground?
This picture is to the right of the last, the 2 pines (centre-back) are not on our property, just the other side of the fence, these, and the trees on the horizon are they only ones not planted by me. I cant belive it now, I wish I still had some of the energy I had back then,
Another view showing where the feral blackberry is STILL being removed...slowly...!! Two posts in one day? what HAS come over me?
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Against a bright blue Ozzie sky

....the Tree Dahlias are beginning to bloom. Its a beautiful Autumn day, no rain, although the Bureau of Meteorology keeps telling us its on the way. Winter season will be with us in ten days. The bees are busy collecting pollen and in the second picture you will notice one in flight, off to her hive to deposit her "loot" before it gets too cold and (hopefully) wet.
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Monday, May 17, 2010


I LOVE visitors especially when they are Great Grandchildren. Here is Abby (Abigail) and Sam, two of my Great Grand children .
Sam working on his Nintendo. He is a very bright child.
Abby always has a nap when visiting Grandma, who is sad to see them leave. They are both delightful. Love them.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Big ones, small ones.....

....some as big as your head !!.... or bigger!! Here is a head of broccoli picked tonight from my garden, still with some rain drops clinging to it and its as tight as a drum !!
I had a tub of seedy weeds that I covered with water to kill off germination, don't want to encourage unwanted weeds to the garden beds. I think it had been "brewing for almost 2 years, forgotten, hiding under an overgrown shrub that should have been pruned...but wasn't. So we dug a trench where we wanted to plant the broccoli, covered it with soil and planted the seedlings on top of it Just goes to show that expensive fertilisers are not needed.
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