Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family reunion at Mallala

Last Sunday, the 13th. of October, we attended the annual reunion of the Veitch family at the Mallala Football oval and club rooms. It was a very pleasant day but a little short on numbers as (sadly) quite a lot of the older members of the family are finding it just too tiring to make the trip.

I wont bore you with the details of the family but I couldn't help myself, being a lover of old  buildings, I took time out to take a couple of pictures of the GRAND STAND which would seat approximately 100 people, but only if they were all skinny (lol)  It is built with stones collected from the fields and a few red bricks for the quoins and decorative features, as were many of the old farm houses in the 1800's.

I love to dream about who built these buildings, maybe some of my ancestors were involved, after all the two brothers that migrated from Scotland about 155 years ago (yes, that's right, no convicts in my family tree!) were stone masons, one of whom built the wall around the Adelaide Botanical Gardens, the old wall around the Adelaide Prison and the (now demolished) broken glass topped wall that surrounded the old building at Glenside that housed  the "insane" .......(glad things have changed since then)
But putting that all aside, don't you think this is a GRAND old building? I don't know who owns the old gas guzzler standing at the back, but it adds something to the picture. The door at the side I think would be the entrance to the players change rooms.

They certainly knew how to build something to stand the test of time in the "old days".