Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blue sky, spring is just around the corner

After the rain, blue sky. Every thing is green and looking re-freshed. My Grandfather told me (when I was a wee child, some 70 years ago) that if there was enough blue in the sky to make a sailor boy a new pair of pants, the rain was over. I don't believe this, but its a good story.
Remember the Ox-tongue lillies with their strange looking red flowers ? This is how they got their name, the leaves look like a pair of tongues
And the Jonquils are in bloom, meaning that spring is around the corner. The pic. is a tad "fudgy" (not because of the photographer being a little wobbly) the breeze kept the blooms moving, so I couldn't get a clear shot. Many weeds in my garden still, I haven't been able to tend to it since I had my hip replacement, but, I did prune the 3 roses and cut back some of the penstemons, that is before my back caved in. Tomorrow is another day.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The men in my life, love 'em

Left of the picture is my son, r/h side is Popeye fixing my battery problems. two heads are better than one ! Sorry for the "fuzzy" picture, I find myself becoming a tad wobbly lately.

We are experiencing some very wild weather here in the Adelaide Hills, so.....when the wind dies down and it stops raining, armed with my camera (that has now been fixed) I will be able to start posting some blogs. Until then, I'll stay inside by the fire and keep warm.
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