Monday, October 31, 2011

Rats tail cacti


This delightful plant in my sun room has put on a gorgeous display this year. Like Jack's beanstalk, it has grown and grown but in the opposite direction, lol
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I just went out and measured it and its about 6 foot long !!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Perfect day in Paradise

Today..the weather is PERFECT. The sun is warm, the bees are buzzing and the seeds are popping their heads through the soil.

This is my favourite iris, I know I've posted this one before but I just love it !!

New to my garden is this purple Pacific Coast iris, isn't she lovely? Do you get the impression that my favourite colour is purple? Well just to trick you here is another the wonderful plants growing in my garden. (I wont bore you with my veggies, but they are doing well too [lol])

This is Echium "Tower of Jewels" 2 metres high. I couldn't put a stake in to support her because she is right on top of the water pipe supplying water to the house. I've done that before and it wasn't a happy household, so I tied her in the middle to the shrub behind.
And just to show that I meant it when I said the bees are buzzing, here is a close up of the flowers.

Don't you think its a beautiful sight?
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fountain is working by solar power !

The fountain has been placed ih the fish pond, the leak has been fixed, now all is "hunky-dory" in my opinion. What a clever fellow he is !! He has been saving an old solar panel that he salvaged from the dump many years ago because he knew that one day the pond water would need re-circulating.


All I want now is for the water lillies to grow and flower, it should look BEAUTIFUL.


The most important thing left for me is, get those darned weeds off the cliff face. Looks as if I'll have to get the ladder as some of them are just too high for me to reach.


Then there is this delightful bush (a native) planted last autumn that has come out in bloom, just to the right of the pond, so delicate and a lovely colour.




I like this plant so much that I decided to add a few more pics. (lol)
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