Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas episode 2


I was lucky enough to have capable people for guests for little did they know that they would have to cook the dinner, me being so ill. They younger brigade set the table while the older ones cooked. They had travelled from all over Australia to spend Christmas Day with us. They came from Darwin, Brisbane, Alice Springs, Canberra and Adelaide.

All seated and ready to hop into a good lunch, the table groaning with food.

But not before a check that every thing is OK by "Olive & Popeye"

Time to pop the bon-bons open (made from scratch by me) which I think were the "hit" of the day, with most people that is, you can't please everyone all of the time. Ha-ha

It seems like it was pretty good, not much left behind. Personally, I had only a bite of potato and a sniff of chicken. The day finished for me by being admitted to hospital with pnuemonia and a kidney infection that caused my heart beat to elevate to an alarming speed. I'm home again now, but not much better, at least the Pnuemonia has been laid to rest.

Tummies full and time for a rest, these two newlyweds find acomfy spot.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Christmas. episode One


Our Christmas started out badly, with me feeling very ill. Like a trooper I tried to "battle on" but it just became worse and it was evident that that I'd need some medical help. But me, being me, I refused to give in. The day started with having to help with the dressing, no...not the husband !! ha-ha

Some time ago I purchased an icecream churn and now seemed the perfect time to try it out. My DIL, Jen, helped me out by making the icecream and once we had all the parts in the right way it worked perfectly. I must say it was the smoothest and creamiest icecream that I've ever tasted ( believe me,, I've eaten lots of different icecreams in my lifetime) This pic shows the "old boy" offering advice.

Amy, one of my grandchildren had a doll when she was young and named it Doll-doll. now to cut a long story short, when she was 16 yo it was thrown out in the trash and (she says) it caused her emotional trauma. Well then it was found (born again) and sitting large as life in Target. For a joke her parents gave the born again version. Look at the face, see how delighted this now 23yo is to have found her baby again ..... Ha-ha

They also bought their 2 dogs on holiday all the way from Canberra, this one is named Scooter.

And here is his friend Millie.
That's it for now, story to be continued (maybe tomorrow)
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree !!


I felt the urge to resurrect my old "tree" this year, mostly because the dear family members will be spending the day with us. There are a couple that will be absent, it would have been great to have them all together once more, but sadly it can not be. The first picture was taken just after I finished erecting it (it took me 2 days) and the other just as dark set in. This is only an ornamental thing, no presents under our tree, this is a time to enjoy the company of our loved ones, not to engage in the "commercial hype" that the stores have turned Christmas into.
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