Monday, September 17, 2012

Cherry Blossom time


As pretty as a picture this weeping cherry tree is in full bloom.
 It's a pity though that the fruit it sets is inedible even to the scavenging birds. The cherries are dark and VERY bitter, not suitable for anything.
         It wont be long before the wind comes and blows all the petals to the ground, it happens each and every year, then we have to wait until autumn for the leaves to colour up and put on another beautiful show.

Very aptly named it is called Snowfall

          I've never been sorry that I planted this little beauty just outside our dining room window.


Pip said...

Just gorgeous, I always hope we don't have too many windy days so that the blossom stays for longer. We have an ornamental plum which sometimes has very small plums on it, but they are very sweet to eat :)

Mickle in NZ said...

So beautiful - and in summer you'll get shade from it and in winter it wont block the light so it is a wonderful tree for all the seasons!

Olive said...

Pip I can always tell when the winds are about to arrive.....when this tree is in full bloom :) I thought we had it fooled a couple of weeks ago, no blossoms and horrendous winds, but no, I think "they" were trying to trick me !!
Can I add here that the last quilt you had on your page, simply gorgeous, maybe you should make Cody one of his own.

And Mickle, great to hear from you !! I thought you had "flown the coop" as they say.
I also find this delightful tree very handy to hang some of my hanging pots under in the summer.

Pip said...

Cody does have a little quilt, but wouldn't you know he prefers to sleep anywhere but on it - that's a cat for you.