Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here are a few of my favourite things

A  quick walk around my garden and I realise that the plants are flowering a little earlier this year. I expect the experts would say that its a sign of global warming. However, these are a few of  my favourite things ...... why do I hear Julie Andrews singing? lol.
The first picture (above) is Stellatta Magnolia. There is a beautiful example of this shrub in a garden in the next street to us. Sadly mine only ever bears a few flowers and I would be grateful if any of my readers could tell me what to do to encourage it to perform better....without showing it the axe !! Ha-ha


This one is a Leucadendron "Harvest" a new comer  (just bought it last Wednesday) I couldn't leave it in the garden centre, don't you love it

The pic below is a close-up.

Its great that colour can be introduced to the garden display without there being flowers

Now this Pacific blue doesn't usually flower here until late October/early November. I'm surprised to see it so early. I know it is in bloom in other parts of the hills but our place is quite high and 2 or 3 degrees colder.

Last, but not least this bright blue ground cover (name long forgotten) has more flowers on it than I've ever seen.

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Pip said...

lovely pictures Olive, love all the blue flowers and your magnolia reminds me of a ballerina.